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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Inspired by the 60s - My MELLOW YELLOW dress

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Mellow Yellow autumn/ winter dress for age 8. This 60s A-line limited edition dress design is bang on trend for autumn & winter. The long sleeved shift dress is made from a yellow brushed sweatshirt fabric which is warm and cosy with a shocking pink colour pop on the neck and sleeves and back button neck opening. Yellow is a cheerful colour and teamed with hot pink it is very 60s. The slash neckline is a very unusual design.
You may have noticed the neo counter in various places on SerendipityGDDs online. This counts the number of unique visitors from a  country. Since 25th July 2011 the counter has logged hits from such varied places as the Faroe Islands, Nepal (Katmandu),Trinidad & Tobago, Brazil, Peru, Mauritania, China & Indonesia. It is certainly helping to improve my geography! It just proves that fashion is alive and well everywhere around the world, not just London,New York,Paris & Milan.

Want to see more of my Mellow Yellow dress, just click here or the Video

This has started my collection of yellow dresses, there will be more to come with different styles!
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