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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

✔ Redesigned this Blog

New from Serendipity Girls Designer Dresses

★ SO PROUD ★ I done quite a bit of work on my blog, about time to I can hear you say!

I've added additional pages to show all my key links in one place, pictures of all my lovely little dresses and an easy place to see the dress videos that show off SerendipityGDD's work. Oh plus I have added quite a bit more to the side bar and limited the no of visible posts (too cluttered before) so why not stop by and have a look and see what you think. Leave me some comments which would really help.

♥ ACTIONS OUTSTANDING ♥ I still need to get some more colour, vibrancy and images into the main body so I'm working on that, not sure how to do it yet but many of the blogger sites I am following look so much more instantly appealing, thats the look and feel I am aiming for. Wish me luck!

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