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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

SerendipityGDDs now has an ETSY shop ✔ ♥♥♥

New from Serendipity Girls Designer Dresses

I have set up a new ETSY shop mostly for the US market but clearly not exclusively. The prices have to be in US$ which means with the fluctuating currency exchange they may be slightly more or less expensive than directly from the website. You may do well before making a purchase to just check both.

I am very pleased with my new ETSY shop and hope to meet many like-minded 'crafters' through it. I have already seen many great little dresses to stimulate my little grey design-cells as Mr Poirot would say.

The ETSY shop is there to complement my Folksy shop and can be found via any of my 3 Fb 'fan' pages or directly on ETSY

If you wish to go directly there click on the dress
SerendipityGDDs ETSY shop

or maybe go there via my Fb Products page

I will be adding to the shop over time

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