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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

My TARTAN dress, cowl neck warmer & red top are a 3 way "mix & match" hit!!!

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Just right for the winter season is a tartan wool pinafore dress, separate red cotton jersey long-sleeved top and neck warmer for age 6. The scarlet red in the top picks out the red from the tartan fabric and the pinafore dress is lined in red cotton. The total outfit costs just 32.99. The Scots certainly know how to weave beautiful cosy tartans and tweeds in order to wrap up warm. Some of my ancestors were handloom weavers in Scotland in the 17th century. This particular tartan used in my dress is not a clan pattern but is a modern wool weave. I will be shortly making the same tartan outfit to fit age 5, which I will announce when ready. Soon my husband and I will be bottling up our own white wine plus elderberry & blackberry, plum, ginger, rosehip and fig wines. There is something comforting and satisfying about making things yourself to enjoy with family & friends.

Take a closer look at my TARTAN dress, click here

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  1. Wow!! I really love this red dress!! it looks very cute and warm!!