Monday, 6 June 2011

Winner of Theo Paphitis's Small Business Sunday 5/6/2011

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★ SO PROUD ★ just gone global/ viral ★ SerendipityGDDS won Theo Paphitis's Small Business Sunday (along with 5 others) yesterday (5/6/2011) ★ onwards and upwards to that 1st £Million ★

So how do you enter?
1. On Sunday evening i.e 'small business sunday' using twitter hastag #sbs and Theo's twitter name @theopaphitis between 5.30 & 7.30 pm sent theo a tweet (140 characters) with a great one-liner that sells your business to him
2. Using Theo's own advice from the SBS event in Birmingham - if you make your biz tweet stand out (quirky or whatever) and you must have a website as he checks , it doesn't have to be great but it has to be there and of course 'random - how theo feel on the night' probably plays a part as well, just don't give up. As it happens i was picked on my 3rd week of entering but i know folk whom it took 40+ weeks, just DON'T GIVE UP
3. Theo will chose 6 biz's a week he would like to 'give a helping hand to' by applying his name and he does this by rewteeting (RT) your tweet to his army of followers, what more could you want?
4. Usually that RT comes sunday eve but as Theo announced at the #SBS event (30/3/12) he is thinking of shifting that to Mon eve, just be patient, it will happen for you if you want it enough
5. Once he has RT'ed be prepared for you inbox top be inandated with congrats, msgs of goodwill and offers to rewrite your website, make your dresses or whatever... themn its up to you to decide... ITS ALL VERY HELPFUL AND FREE PROMOTION, enjoy being a member of the #sbs club

UPDATE 31/3/12 Had a great day at Birmigham Cricket Club Edgbaston where Theo got a whole lot of us past winners together to share ideas, small businesses can react quickly and i now feel part of the community, see

If you want to see more of my dresses why not visit my Serendipity Girls Designer Dresses website

All my dress videos are on TwitVid & You for SerendipityGDDs and especially see the making of the Music Dress (TV) or (YT)

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